Frequently Asked Questions

Sign Up Questions

You can receive a PostFromUS shipping address by signing up for a PostFromUS account. Once you’ve completed filling out your account information you will receive your own address.

Many websites do not ship to PO BOX addresses. The reason is that FedEx, UPS and DHL do not deliver parcels to PO BOXES. Your PostFromUS is not a PO BOX address.

Our services are available to customers all over the world except for a few countries and territories. Please check our where we ship page for full lists of where we can and cannot ship. Please check shipping restrictions from individual providers (FedExUSPSUPSDHL).

To get a US phone number, define your needs. Next, create an account on platforms like Google Voice, complete the setup, and start using your number. To learn the exact steps to follow, read our guide on how to get a US phone number for shopping and shipping your packages.

Services & Pricing

The cost to ship a package will vary depending on the size and weight of the package, the shipping provider, and the country you are shipping to. You can get an estimate of your shipping costs by using our shipping calculator.

Yes, you can consolidate up to five packages into one box. PostFromUS offers two types of consolidation choices.

  1. Repack and Consolidate: Your packages will be opened and repacked into the smallest amount of boxes to reduce space and cost. This may take up to a few hours to process.
  2. Standard Consolidation: We will automatically calculate the total size and weight of your packages in their original sealed packaging and consolidate them into the smallest amount of boxes possible.

When creating a New Shipment from your account, you will be asked to enter all the information about the items that you are shipping. If you have an account with us and you wish to have your package sent to us using your US address without submitting the New Shipment form we will notify you by email when we receive new parcels. In the email please enter all the information about the items that you are shipping.

No, we do not provide COD forwarding.

Once you complete your registration, we will assign a unique reference number. You will use this unique reference number with your name and our address as the shipping address. Once any package arrives we will see your name and unique reference number on it. We will notify you by email and you will also see the parcel in your PostFromUS account.

Yes, you can add other names and addresses to your PostFromUS account.

Unfortunately, there are some items PostFrom US cannot ship due to country bans and restrictions. Please view our full list of prohibited items.

We support only the shipping methods shown in our shipping calculator. Please enter the weight and the dimensions of the parcel to see how it will be shipped. If you don’t see a certain shipping method it is not supported by PostFromUS. We do not allow billing through a third-party shipping carrier.

Your package will be considered abandoned after 35 days and following that period we will destroy it. We encourage that you initiate shipping as soon as possible for each of your packages.

Payment Options

All transactions are processed securely through PayPal. You have the option to either use your credit card or pay using your PayPal funds if you have an account

We declare all costs upfront, including package add-ons and consolidation options. Please check our pricing page for more information regarding rates for our services.

Online Shopping

Some online stores may ask for a US phone number. Do not use the PostFromUs phone number otherwise, your order is likely to be canceled.

You can get a US phone number with many online services such as:



PostFromUs is unable to accept deliveries from carriers or delivery apps, such as Instacart or Shipt, after hours. PostFromUs is not responsible for deliveries made outside of standard business hours.

Fraud Prevention

Please contact us immediately if you are a victim of credit card fraud. If we find that a stolen credit card was used, we immediately send parcels back to you. Fraud accounts are immediately canceled.


We don’t require any set-up fees for creating an account, so you can get your PostFromUS address for free! Contact our customer support team if you have any additional questions on setting up your PostFromUS account.